Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Scenes from the Garden


Tom watering the plants with the water I'd left in the car from driving back from Michigan this weekend. I figured the plants would be fine with any plastic leeching into the sun-heated liquid. Sylvia accompanies him doing I don't know what.

American Gothic.
The little 8 X 4 raised beds I made this spring. Please don't scrutinize the craptacular workmanship.
Phil and Sylvia working on their circus act.
Beets, carrots, and kale. I love the color of beet greens.
Welcome, little out-of-focus cayenne pepper. Max will be so happy to see you. He's currently obsessed with the idea of feeding hot peppers to unsuspecting folks.
Hey, there, whatcha knowin'? I've come to watch your pea pods growing...
I'm seeing kale chips in my near future...
Wow! This alien carrot is as big as a grill!
...or smaller than a five-year-old's pinky.
Our neighbor took out his circa 1920s cast iron front rails and gave them to us. I think they lend a Grey Gardens vibe to the original, appropriately overgrown, little garden plot.
The end of the rhubarb and the start of the sweet peas. I froze the rhubarb to pull out mid-winter for Angry Chicken's rhubarb hand pies. Man, those things are delicious.
I keep thinking the little lettuce patch, which now has a couple zucchini plants interspersed, is exhausted and ready to be tilled over. And then I cut more greens. Here's tonight's cutting; we're a very healthy family:
Oh, dear. Is that a leftover Cinnamon Poptart in the background?
Pretend you didn't see that.

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Blogger Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Your garden looks so happy. Ours is sad right now because the deer found it. Goodbye, strawberries--we hardly knew ye...

11:30 PM  
Blogger Slowish Food said...

Oh, Julia, that breaks my heart. I was so jealous of your box just for berries that I'm going to do one next year. We don't have a deer problem here -- just lots of raccoons and possoms. I'm guessing they're going to stir up some trouble when the tomatoes start coming in...

4:04 AM  

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