Friday, September 02, 2011

Tommy's Pumpkin

Tommy grew a pumpkin this year. It's small, and it was a hard-fought battle to get this little pumpkin for two reasons:
  • As I've belabored to the point of becoming tiresome, our backyard is not sunny enough to grow anything bearing fruit.
  • Squash bores got into the squash vine, and this pumpkin was the sole survivor of that attack.
The pumpkin's special because it was grown from a seed I saved from a pumpkin Tom picked during a kindergarten trip to a local pumpkin patch. Around early November last year, when Max and Tommy had friends over, I removed the seeds, saving and drying some and roasting the others. Then I cooked down the pumpkin and froze the pulp, and threw anything left over into the compost heap. It reminded me of fifth-grade social studies class learning how the Indians were respectful of the buffalo they killed, and used every last part.
So Tommy's prize this year, a descendent of his kindergarten trip, will be cooked into the chocolate chip pumpkin muffins he likes, with seeds saved for next year's sunny front-yard mini pumpkin patch.

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Anonymous Christine R. said...

That first picture is cracking me up. They look like a little Bonnie & Clyde. I'm so glad Tommy got his pumpkin!

6:43 AM  
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