Monday, October 02, 2006

My Husband the Rock Star

This weekend we got copies of Eisenhower Field Day's CD: Let's Not Tell Lies (with the bonus EP of Our Time in the Colonies). Eisenhower Field Day is Phil's band with his bandmates Noah and Holly Butler. I know I'm biased, but I love this music. From a cooking angle, it makes great dinner-prep fare -- perhaps a little too rocking for contemplative digestion, but that's an individual taste thing.

The CD is available at Luna Music in Indianapolis.

My favorite song, an oldie but goodie, continues to be "Don't Throw Away," formerly called "Babycakes." Noah, a fifth-grade teacher, wrote the song entirely from a letter he intercepted from a lovestruck boy to the object of his desire. Who can't relate to lyrics like, P.S. don't tell anybody and Emily, I'll admit I like you?

I'm personally proud of the CD because it's the first, and I'm sure last, time I'll get a music credit for taking a band photo. Or maybe this is the start of a new career...


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