Monday, December 11, 2006

The Lowest Circle of Hell Should Be Reserved For...

Whoever came up with modern toy packaging. The kind with the form-fitted plastic and series of dozens of twisties to hold a toy in mid-action while sitting on the shelf. M was feeling impatient waiting for this whole Christmas thing so yesterday used money from his piggy bank to buy a small plastic Zerg and small plastic Buzz Lightyear (with wings). It took a long time to wrestle these toys from their plastic prisons. Not to mention the waste involved.

I surveyed the toys I'd bought the boys, and I think I subconsciously chose ones that wouldn't involve the 30 minutes of nail-ripping, small-twisty choking hazard that was last year to free M's Fire-Fighting Woody (with accessories) and T's Barnyard Jubilee.

Am I the only person who dreads toy time for this reason??


Anonymous Laura Kitchel said...

Toys? It's not just little-kid toys. I bought a pretty expensive Christmas gift for my husband which shall remain nameless that is imprisoned in one of those molded plastic torture chambers (getting it out is his problem). And don't get me started on cell phones & their accessories! Hate, hate, hate them.

9:24 AM  
Anonymous mph said...

I have scissors in my office for getting into crap like this, but I still manage to give myself little cuts on my fingers or gouges under my fingernails after tearing at that last bit of plastic they put there to endanger the product should you try to cut it out.

11:36 AM  
Blogger Teresa said...

I am cracking up reading this. I can't tell you how many nails I have ripped off trying to open those *&^*^& packages!

6:38 AM  
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