Monday, April 30, 2007

The Problem as I See It...

Secret, undoctored footage of the hypocrisy lurking in my pantry.

I went to the pantry for something the other day. I forget what, whether a can of organic garbanzos or some Lucky Charms. And I looked up and saw this: clearance-sale Peeps (purple no less) sharing a shelf with organic wheatberries and millet. I keep writing in here about all we're doing to better our food life -- "We don't buy store-bought bread." "I'm cooking with quinoa." "I'm only buying local or organic meat." But there remains a dark underbelly that stays shadowed from the online world.

When the cashier at Kroger, where I swear I just ducked in to get some cat litter, said, "Would you like to add some Peeps? They're only 12 cents," I had a choice to make. I could have thought, "Ewww. Peeps. Sugar, gelatin, and more sugar. In lots of packaging. That will do nothing to help the environment, my health, or local producers." Or I could have thought, "Peeps! At 12 cents! Why, that's a bargain at twice the price. And I *do* love Peeps." I think it's clear that I took the road most traveled.

And the epic battle rages on.


Anonymous Laura Kitchel said...

I find the juxtaposition of the purple Peeps on top of the glass jars of millet and wheatberries hysterical!

5:29 AM  
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