Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Imagine Last Week's Picture...

With a big black hole in the front of the pained smile.

Max was more than a year before he got any teeth. His 10-month pictures boast a big gummy grin. Then about a week after his first birthday his mouth exploded like a bag of microwave popcorn and he got four teeth in about ten days.

Which appears to be the way he's going to lose them. All of his friends have had Tooth Fairy visits a'plenty, and he's been stuck on the sidelines, fruitlessly wiggling his very solid teeth and praying for a miracle.

But in the last two weeks he's lost both his bottom front teeth and his right top front tooth. It's really something to watch him struggling with an apple.

Meanwhile, the Tooth Fairy is more seriously eyeing those e-mail solicitations to unlock the equity in her home.

By the way, I loved the comments about Max's photo. I'm still giggling over the thought of Photoshopping on a big gold clock, Flavor of Love style. And, offline, my friend Kim said he looked like Napoleon Dynamite's brother Kip after he got all gangsta'd out.