Friday, September 21, 2007

A Golden Decade

Yesterday was Phil and my tenth wedding anniversary. We didn't get a chance to celebrate, although we're planning to this weekend. But it's so hard for me to get my hands around ten (actually thirteen) years with the same person -- and wanting to be with that person even more.

Between endless meetings and emergencies yesterday, I thought a little bit about what we've experienced together in the last ten years, both big and tiny. They're not remarkable; they're similar to what any couple might experience. But I'm proud that we've done them all together:
  • Moving to New York (celebrity sightings the entire time we were in the city, maybe a dozen, and they included some duds)
  • Experiencing close-up Septemer 11 and its aftermath
  • Watching all three epic Ken Burns and one epic Ric Burns documentaries
  • Choosing and buying a house together
  • Raising two boys we love desperately
  • Experiencing a friend dying of a terminal illness
  • Phil purchasing his first grill and realizing he's got a knack with fire
Happy tenth anniversary, Phil! Here's to the next fifty!


Anonymous Julie K said...

Congratulations on your 10th anniversary! Next year you'll be able to celebrate 20 years since you wore a very chic and lovely pink bridesmaid's dress with a giant bow in back for mine. I'm sure that's a dress you've been able to wear again and again in the years since. I just got back from AU where I spent a couple of days with Debbie. She gave me the tour of the updated and renovated Morrison Hall. I checked out Rm 207 and thought of you! -J :-)

10:14 AM  
Blogger Teresa said...

Yeah for you!!
I have only seen two celebritites in NYC and I saw them within a 1/2 hour of each other on the same day--Better Midler and Sarah Ferguson

10:22 AM  

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