Thursday, August 02, 2007

Where Has the Time Gone?

Believe you me, I had no idea I'd take the month of July off from blog-land.

The weather has just been gorgeous and we've done a bit of traveling, and the idea of sitting in our basement, where the computer is housed, seemed less and less appealing.

Not that it hasn't been an eventful break. During this time...
  • I celebrated a milestone birthday, the number of which I'd like to forget. But the day was great. My best girlfriends brought over a bowl of amazing foodstuffs from a local gourmet shop and two bottles of wine I can't wait to consume. Then we went to a local restaurant we love. After that, Phil said he was taking me to a jazz club, but actually had gotten us a hotel room and had somehow bribed his parents to take the boys all night, so I slept in until 10 the next day. Unheard of.
  • My brother and sister-in-law had a little baby girl, who joins her two big brothers. This is the first girl grandbaby my parents have seen in 17 years! We're a very testosterone-charged group, normally. She's just beautiful.
  • M registered for kindergarten. I get weepy writing that. Where did the last five years go?
  • We went to Michigan for a big family gathering on my mom's side. This is an annual event I'd never been able to make it to, but it was such fun (and the food so fantastic) that I'll be a regular. M and T slept like logs that night after running around with the other kids. M wasn't so into the water-balloon fight, but T got right in the center of the action.
So I'm back. And I'm hungry. So there'll be food writing coming up...


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david and i were about to stage an intervention. seriously. we've had discussions.

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