Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

I'm still trying to get caught up after five days traveling for work. I often will come home Thursday night from these sales conferences, even though Friday is dubbed a "travel day," but that always means getting home around midnight and then going into work the next day. So this year I took advantage of the "travel day" and scheduled an 11:00 direct flight from Tampa to Indianapolis that would have me home in time to run a few errands, throw in the laundry, and still have time to pick up the boys early. In fact, our flight was cancelled for mechanical issues and we had to fly right past Indy from Tampa to La Guardia, change airlines, and go from NYC to Indy. I got home around 8:00 Friday night. And I was at La Guardia only long enough to down an $8.99 egg salad sandwich. On white bread.

So, getting back up to speed on the blog has been slow. This week I'll be back in the swing.

Fortunately, today's been the sort of lazy day we moms deserve once a year. Phil got up with the boys, who usually start rising about 5:30, but stayed in bed until 7:00 today. I made some rhubarb jam from the rhubarb overtaking our garden. I took the boys out on an errand. T just went down for a nap and I went to do more work, but found the server is down. This might be my cosmic sign to let the work go for the weekend.

The best thing today, though, was Phil's Mother's Day present to me: Alice Waters and Chez Panisse. I didn't even realize this book was out; Phil didn't know that I worship Alice Waters, who back in the 1970s brought the idea of fresh, seasonal, local products to a new restaurant she was opening in Berkeley, Chez Panisse, that is now considered the best restaurant in the country. She's also started other programs like the Edible Garden program in California in which kids in the public school system -- many who live in low-income families -- grow their own food for school lunches. She's just amazing. I had no idea this book existed, but I've been sneaking reads every time the boys have had a few quiet minutes.
For all of you moms, grandmas, godmothers, wanna-be moms, or best aunts ever, Happy Mother's Day!


Blogger amyzeats said...

i had no idea that book was out either -- i'm getting it ASAP. which reminds me, when we do have this week in california as per David L's wishes, i think it's only assumed that we must go to chez panisse as a pilgrimage of sorts. dig it!

5:46 AM  
Blogger Cindy K said...

Oh, we'll be there; I'm wanting to go to Chez Panisse 10 times more than before after reading this. The book is *so* good, Amy. You've gotta read it -- I feared it would be a foodie manifesto of raving on and on about the differences between white and black truffles and how Alice served them, but it's not. It's totally upbeat and readable and appreciative of everything Alice Waters has done without being sugary and fauning.

6:33 PM  
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